3D Video Test 2 (First Movie)

As part of the book we are creating a 3D video system. And we finally had our first successful test today at NKU. Matt Smith was on hand from UC to offer some video consulting advice. The webcams were set up hexagonally on a circular table. And hooked to six separate computers. We will be simplifying this configuration using the flash media server in the future. See the images below;

Six Webcams and computers.

Six Webcams and computers.

Six Webcams hexagonally.

Six Webcams aligned hexagonally.

The purpose of this test was

  • to get camera field of view (45 degrees)
  • do a simple test for stitching
  • get a feel for what we were going to see
  • discuss video surface playback options
  • flush out issues
  • do a simple scripted story
  • and train staff in recording 3D video

The test went well. The story we filmed was “kill a chicken to spank a monkey”. There were for small characters on the stage – a chicken, a farmer, a monkey, and a pig. They were moved around using a pencil as I talked through the scene. We are stitching the videos together tomorrow and will post the finished product soon.

Papervision has great potential. And as you can see we are having a blast with it!

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