3D Video Test 2 Results and Tube Primitive

October 22, 2008

I was in the process of designing our next 3D Video experiment when I showed the results of the last experiment to one of my graphic designers. He freaked out – so I’ve decided to post it. I think it’s all the info coming in at once that got to him. This may look confusing to you as well, but it got us to our next design which is the goal of such test. I was happy!

Click on the image below to check it out!

3D Video Test 2 Results on a Tube

3D Video Test 2 Results on a Tube

To see the test click on the image above or this link.

We processed all the videos in Adobe After Effects by lining them all up side-by-side and making a long flv. Then we played that flv on a tube primitive. Scroll your mouse along the screen and the video will move with the mouse.

Our next experiment uses what we call a head primitive and places the videos on cross planes to produce a holographic effect.

The Tube that we used is a primitive that we created by taking off the top and bottom of a cylinder (the lids gave us too many artifacts). I have included the tube primitive code below since it is not found in Papervision.

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