Creating a Spherical Panorama in Papervision

October 25, 2008

Panoramas are both fun and easy to create in Papervision. You rez a cube or sphere on the stage and put an image on it. You then place a spinning camera in the center. That’s all there is to it!

So what’s the secret behind a great panorama?

The secret of making great panoramas is in using great images. In an upcoming series Amanda Verette (one of my graphic designers) will be posting a series of video tutorials on how to create fantastic spherical images using a fish eye lens and various photo editing tools. But until then I’ll explain the Papervision code.

Here’s one of Amanda’s spherical photos. Click on the image to see the Papervision Panorama in action.

Spherical Panorama Image

Spherical Panorama Image




Coding a Panorama is simple. Download the full source code by clicking the source link above, and click the more button below to see how it works.

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