Intro to Blender (ground zero to the Cabaret Room)

As part of the book, we will be modeling the Beverly Hills Supper Club in Blender.

I recently did a series at NKU designed to help people over the Blender learning hump. The sessions were recorded live and go from the basics to architectural framing of a portion of the Supper Club – the cabaret room shown below.

Modeling the Cabaret Room in Blender

Modeling the Cabaret Room in Blender

These tutorials can also be found under the 3d modeling tab of this blog.

Getting Started (ground zero)

Part 1 Basic Interface

Part 2 Building the Washington Monument

Part 3 Building an Incan Temple

Part 4 Building a sword part 1

Part 5 Building a sword part 2

Part 6 Building a space ship part 1

Part 7 Building a space ship part 2

Building a Penguin

Part 1 New Tools and Commands

Part 2 Adding Wings, Feet, and Finishing Up

Framing the Cabaret Room

Part 1 Getting Started

Part 2 Architectural Framing

Part 3 Extruding the Room

A great resource for learning Blender can be found on Wikipedia at


5 Responses to Intro to Blender (ground zero to the Cabaret Room)

  1. Colin Boyd says:

    Hello Mike
    Watched some of your AIR tutorials on Youtube, quite good. Would you be interested in creating some Air / Flex tutorials commercially, we are always on the look out for talented people who come across as enthusiastic on the the subjects that they teach.

  2. Mike Lively says:

    Thanks for the compliment.

    Air is really cool and this sounds like a fun project. But I’m rushing to finish my book first – but would definitely be interested once the book is finished.

    Best Regards,

  3. Rene says:

    Hi Mike…

    If I catch you right, you said that you were going to build a Portal Engine. By any chance do you have a link where I can read about how to create a portal engine?

    Keep up the good work Mike,
    Rene (rne1223)

    P.S. Can’t wait until the book comes out

  4. Mike Lively says:

    On mylinks tab is a link to flipcode where you’ll find a tutorial series on portal engines. The direct link to portal engines is

    However, in Papervision there is a twist since flash doesn’t handle garbage collection in the same manner as the article in flip code does. One way around this is recycling – but more on that later!

    Flipcode is great and has many interesting articles which relate to Papervision.


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