34 Papervision Legacy Examples

A while ago 34 Papervision examples were moved from the AS3  examples folder of Papervision (they were moved to as3 > tags > 1_7 > examples – see villmer’s comment below). I’m assuming this was done to  remove legacy code. Some of the examples are dated and need to be streamlined, but many are still somewhat instructive. So I’ve zipped them and put them on my book’s site for you to download. The image below names the available examples.

34 Papervision Legacy Examples

34 Papervision Legacy Examples

To download the 34 Papervision Legacy Examples click here or try the direct link below;

Direct Link


The swfs in the individual folders are functional. So if you click on them they should run (given that you have flash installed). Also, I have included the src folder which contains the legacy version of Papervision used to create these examples. It amazing how much Papervision has changed over the past year. But more change is on the way.

The Papervision team is in the process of writing PapervisionX (the Flash 10 compatible version of Papervision). Once that is completed the examples above will be totally obsolete, but for now you might find them useful.


6 Responses to 34 Papervision Legacy Examples

  1. dima says:

    truly appreciate your work to provide instructional material for pv3d!
    cheers and all the best

  2. villmer says:

    I believe the examples are still in the svn repository:
    as3 > tags > 1_7 > examples

  3. makc says:

    once in svn, they are always in svn. even if they ever are no longer in head revision, you can check out specific previous revision to get them back.

  4. Guy Micciche says:

    Hello, I have posted a reference link to this page through my blog. You are a great man.


  5. […] stumbled upon this great blog post by a Mike Lively, called 34 Papervision Legacy Examples. I was looking to write a method using Mouse3D on a Rubix Cube game I am developing when I landed […]

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