Plotting Equations in 3D – NKU Sem#5 (Links)

March 3, 2009

Plotting in 3D using Papervision3D and CS4.

Seminar #5

Here’s the class links for Plotting Equations in 3D: a free public seminar at NKU.

If you’re an educator or student get Adobe Flex for free at:

A. Resources: Flash & Math (Present Resources)

1. Parametric Surfaces in Rectangular Coordinates
2. Parametric Surfaces in Cylindrical Coordinates
3. Parametric Surfaces in Spherical Coordinates
4. Graphing Functions of Two Variables
5. Graphing Functions of Two Variables

B. Flash & Math (Barbara Kaskosz & Doug Ensley) (their book site)

Contour and 3D combined

Implicit Plotter

Simple Graph

C. How Plotting in 3D is done in Flash (my book site)

Flash 3D

Flash & Math (how far can you go)

Not to be out done!

Note: 2D curves are created by connecting straight lines.

D. Plots in Papervision3D and CS4

Straight lines CS4

Curves in Papervision3D (straight lines pieced together)


Particle Systems

Example 1 low number physics

Example 2 high number – billboarding physics

Example 3 CS4 Particles

E. Using the Geometry Trick (Papervision3D

Making Water (Exey Pantelee’s Blog)

objectName.geometry.vertices[i].x, y, or z

Sinc Function


Rubrics Cube

for(var i:int = 0; i<cubeGrid.geometry.vertices.length; i++)
var myPart:Cube = new Cube(materialArray[i], mySize/2.1,mySize/2.1,mySize/2.1,2,2,2);



F. Parsing – in just 1900 lines of code???
You’ve got to be kidding me – click the more button below to see the code.

G. Where we are going! (3D Plotting Calculator Style)
Bring down the parser to 300 lines…maintainability vs. user experience. Move to IPhone.

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