2 and 3D FLINT Particle (Gumbo) Viewers

April 17, 2009


I used to have an old truck, that I payed way too much for, and on its sixth repair trip … the mechanic said there had been too many hands in it. What did that mean? And then it just died and nobody knew why. It’s true for software as well – too many people working on a project can kill it … you just need a few bright folks. And with Flint, there was just one, Richard Lord. It demonstrates how powerful just one guy can be.

In chapter 6 of the book, we cover Richard’s incredible FLINT particle system and its use in PV3D … super job Richard Lord!!! This guy must have a cranium cavity the size of the grand canyon.

However, in the prep for the particle chapter I really got tired of having to wait for his different example apps to come up, so I created 2 and 3D fast particle viewers (in Flex 4 Gumbo) . You can view the apps below and download the source code as well. They work very similarly to the MD2 viewer posted earlier, so I won’t cover how they were made here.

Download Source for both Apps here

2D Viewer Demo (click this link or image below)

Flint 2D Particle System

Flint 2D Particle Viewer

3D Viewer Demo (click this link or image below)

3D Particle Viewer

Flint 3D Particle Viewer