Jiglibflash Pong Game with Levels


Here’s Pong in JiglibFlash and PV3D that I created. It’s fully explained in the book (and the Wii controller is added as well)!

Directions: Click Drag to Move Around the game. Move your mouse up and down to control the game paddle. 21 points and you win the level, get to level six, and you beat the computer. I’ve never made it to level six…

A bounding box had to be created by Hacking the PV3D plugin created by Bartek Drozd…the rest was easy.

Pong in 3D

Pong in 3D



Of course many thanks to Seb Lee-Delisle, who created a similar game in PV3D, it wasn’t Jiglib and not mutli-level, but it was a good place to start and Seb released it under the Commons license-thanks Seb! And thanks to Barteck Drozd who created the PV3D Jiglib plugin that I hacked to create a Pong Bounding box.

The book is almost done…when it is, I’ll start posting more frequently…sorry about the down time.


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