Flash CS4 Course for Papervision3D

August 15, 2009


When I wrote the book I had to decide if I was going to write a book full of nice tidy examples or one that is a little more messy that teaches you how to hack. Well I went the messy route – the one that teaches you to hack PV3D and make it better.  And along with this approach I decided to release a number of video training courses designed  to help you come up to speed on the various topics treated in the book.

So here’s the first course:

Flash CS4 for Papervision3D

It has all the topics in Flash CS4 that you need in order to come up to speed for the book.

Course Introduction

Code and Notes

Download Notes and Code

1. Interface

2. Working with Variables

3. Working with Functions

4. Adding Button Events

5. Building an Animation Engine

6. Display List (1 of 3)

7. Display List (2 of 3)

8. Display List (3 0f 3)

9. Looping

10. Conditionals

11. Getting Started with Classes (1 of 2)

12. Getting Started with Classes (2 0f 2)