Book Source Code Here!

My apologies for the book delay…As a result I’ve decided to start releasing all of its assets.

I actually finished the book many months ago and there was an image problem at the end. I’ve ended up redoing every image in the book. I think the issue was over the fact that I create for the web not for print…so during the process we were talking apples and oranges.  Also, in the meanwhile, I’ve ported PV3D over to Flash 10 and I am considering writing a free book (on this Flash 10 version) as an apology for this delay.  My intention is to make this right.

My sincerest apology for the delay. Best Regards Mike

Book Source Code by Chapter

Note: The code was written in Flash, Air, Flex 3 + SDK4, Flash Builder, and Flash Catalyst…it’s pretty versatile. I will be releasing the demos in the next few days.

Chapter 1 Zip

Chapter 2 Zip

Chapter 3 Zip

Chapter 4 Zip

Chapter 5 Zip

Chapter 5 ManSize Zip

Chapter 6 Zip

Chapter 7 Zip

Chapter 8 Zip

Chapter 9 Zip

Chapter 10 Zip

Chapter 11 Zip

Chapter 12 Zip

Chapter 13 Zip

Chapter 14 Zip

Chapter 15 Zip

Chapter 16 Zip


One Response to Book Source Code Here!

  1. Kofi says:

    thanks for the update mike! i was really wondering why the release date was pushed so far…but i am first in line to buy your book!

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