Away3d into Flash Builder – videos, source, notes


In fulfillment of your first assignment, you learn how to put Away3d into Flash Builder (as a Flex Project) and then enhance its interactivity using design view. The five part video series, source, and lecture notes are listed below:


Away3d into Flash Builder Part 1

Away3d into Flash Builder Part 2

Away3d into Flash Builder Part 3

Away3d into Flash Builder Part 4

Modifying Away3d Mesh Interactivity


Click Link Below to See Class Notes:

Chapter 2: Putting Away3dLite into Flash Builder

Methodology … Flex Project or ActionScript Project and why?…

Coders vs. Designers

University of Cincinnati … could not teach them a thing (coders)

University of Northern Kentucky … could not teach them
enough (designers) but had to make the interface graphical

Accelerate the production of data-driven 3D content

Presently 3D programming in PV3D and Away3d takes tool long,
and is too complicated.

  1. Use Adobe Flash Builder in Design View, Data Wizard,
    and Native 3D + powerful editing tools

    Image you are working with only designers. I was!!!

Note: Review Essential Keyboard Shortcuts in Flash Builder
on Youtube

  1. Bring Away3d into Flash Builder

  • Key Points … use keyboard short cuts to fix erros

  • Use SpriteVisualElement to addChild
    Goodbye rawchildren

  • change stage to systemManager.stage
    import mx.managers.SystemManager;

  • add text box indicating what was
    clicked on.

  • get code from Google code

Video Part 2: Away3d into Flash Builder

  1. Demonstrate ActionScript Project

  2. Creating a Flex Project

Video Part 3 and 4: Away3d into Flash Builder

    What’s a package, what’s a class?

Videos to watch

Flash CS4: Getting Started with Classes (1 of 2)

Flash CS4: Getting Started with Classes (2 of 2)

    Ultimately our goal is to go the other way!!!

A. Rip off package and curly brakets

B. Remove constructor function and replace it with a
creation complete method. Explain overall structure of
the code.

C. Add a Spark Sprite Holder (SpriteVisualElement)

D. Fix addChild problems

E. remove signature references

F. Add systemManager.stage in place of stage

G. Clean up spurious errors

(beware of frameRate bug)

Download source from

Video Part 5: Modifying Away3d

1. Explain how program works
Use ctrl+rollover to navigate around program

2. Add a textbox in Design View give it an id = “myName”

3. Use .name method to assign name to object mesh

You need to know what you clicked on and call it by name! = “myPlane”;

4. Use switch case to send info to the textbox using the .name

switch ( {

case “myPlane”:

myName.text = “You Clicked a Plane”;


case “mySphere”:

myName.text = “You Clicked a Sphere”;


case “myTorus”:

myName.text = “You Clicked a Torus”;


case “myCube”:

myName.text = “You Clicked a Cube”;







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