PHP Programming for Flash Builder Part 2 (17 Videos)

Lesson 2: PHP Control Logic, Functions, and Classes

In this lesson you cover Control Logic, Functions and Classes. And finally, you get to Flash Builder and created your first PHP-Flash Builder application in videos 27 through 31.

PHP Programming Lesson 2 Assignment

PHP Programming 16 If Else

PHP Programming 17 Logical Expressions and Date

PHP programming 18 Switch Case and Random

PHP programming 19 While Loops and Range

PHP programming 20 For Loops Shuffle

PHP programming 21 Foreach Loops and Shuffling Cards

PHP programming 22 Generating Passwords and ASCII

PHP Programming 23 Continue, Break, and Array Pointers

PHP Programming 24 Functions Part 1

PHP Programming 25 Functions Part 2

PHP Programming 26 OOP and Classes 1

PHP Programming 27 Classes 2 and Flash Builder

PHP Programming 28 Getting Flash Builder ready for PHP

PHP Lesson 29 Getting Flash Builder Talking to a PHP Class

PHP Programming 30 Flash Builder and PHP Data Wizard

PHP Programming 31 Flash Builder Random Password App

You can get the downloads from the PHP Training Site at

One Response to PHP Programming for Flash Builder Part 2 (17 Videos)

  1. Kofi says:

    all this for free? wow…it says a lot about you!

    Thank you. Really!

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