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Michael Lively, NKU Director of A&S Instructional Design

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22 years experience teaching, 10 years in online course creation. Served on numerous educational grants and projects throughout Florida. Created the Instructional Design Group at the University of Cincinnati. Created the A&S Instructional Design group at Northern Kentucky University. Co-director of the faculty learning community. Skilled in FLEX, Flash, Flash Media Server, SQL, Coldfusion, PHP, Fireworks, Swift3D, Vegas Video, Pinnacle, Blender, Maya, etc… Certified in 4-Mat, Papervision Optimization, Papervision 2.0, AS3, Flash Video, and Visual Vocabulary. Created 28 DL software inventions at UC, creating a Multimedia Learning Management System in FLEX at NKU. Writing Professional Papervision for Wiley.

Captain USAF, Regulatory Engineer, Emergency Management, Professor, Department Chair, Instructional Designer.

Distinguished Scholar, Endowed Chair, CSIS Scholar, PhiBetaKappa, PhiMu, SigmaAlphaEpsilon, Meritorious Service Medal USAF

AA General Studies, BS Chemistry, BA Mathematics, BSEE Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MS Physics (Material Science), MA Mathematics – Pending, Ph.D. “ABD” Nuclear Physics


Duke Energy, Snythetic, City of Covington, Lexmark, City of Walton …

Open Source Contribution


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