A Vision for Papervision3D (Unreal Engine 3)

April 11, 2010


In this post, you learn how to work with the Unreal Engine and how many of its design concepts can be used to enhance the present version of Papervison3D. As part of chapter 2 assignment, you create a laundry list of desired features for PV3D using Unreal as a model.


Part 1, Intro

Part 2, Terrains

Part 3, Terrains

Part 4, Skydomes

Part 5, Transporters

PV3D Wish List

The derived PV3D wish list is given below:

Part 1
Concepts…Gizmo’s, Pixel Bender Dynamic Lighting,
Content Browser with drag and drop properties
Part 2 and 3
Terrain and Object modeler in side of PV3D
(a vertex is a vertex)
Terrain Gizmo
Blend mode painting
Part 4
“Efficient” Skydomes/Skyboxes
with texture translation and partial dome
and drag and drop image properties

    Part 5

    Transporters are super fun and easy
    but you need a graphical programming
    interface to go along with all the fun.

You will address bringing Unreal Engine resources in PV3D in a later chapter. Click the link below to see the Unreal Assignment class notes.

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